The major steps involved in the development of Esseco Group's industrial and business operations.

Esseco Group is an industrial holding company comprising of a complex multi-national system of interests and subsidiaries.

ESSECO GROUP's strategy for growth has always been one of business diversification, focusing on the development of operations that are able to deliver high synergistic benefits enabling optimisation of industrial production.

The story of the Group's success is based on a decision to specialise in just a few key business areas, making it possible to excel in both excellence and experience. In particular, Esseco Group has made a decision to focus on those markets that appear to be too small to be of little interest to larger chemical players, but have turned out to be highly profitable for the Group; thanks to our competent, continuous and well-aimed efforts.

On the whole, a long-term strategic vision and a commitment to organisational and production efficiency have always proven to be, and still are to this day; the most outstanding key features in the development of the Group's operations.

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